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Annie Douvas
United States, Boston
Joined Jul 1, 2020

About Annie

I am an aspiring art director, graphic designer, and freelancer currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. In the past, I have created elements for clients that have made it onto streaming platforms, social media, and physical mediums. Now, I am looking to continue to broaden my horizons and create work in other facets of the design world. I ho...Expand


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Annie Douvas
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Joined Jul 2020
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1 years ago
I am an aspiring art-director, graphic designer, and freelancer currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. I recieved my bachelor's degree in music business with a minor in fine arts from Hofstra University in December 2018. Within my time at Hofstra I had worked as a student aide and teacher's assistant in the fine arts department, became the creative director and logo creator for Hofstra University's on-campus record label, Unispan Records, and interned in Manhattan, NYC designing social media posts for musical artists such as Surfer Blood, White Denim, and Guided By Voices. I currently am earning my master's degree in advertising at Boston University and am on track to complete my degree in December 2020. I am taking classes that pertain to art direction, my portfolio, and creative development. I hope to, within my career, redefine how we market to the younger generations.

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