Freelancer Nathan Zapolski
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Graphic Designer/CAD Designer Nathan Zapolski, Design, Media & Architecture

Nathan Zapolski
United States, Pawtucket
Joined Jul 7, 2020

About Nathan

I have earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and Associates Degree in Computer Drafting and Design. My skills span across areas of 2D design to 3D design and rendering. I enjoy photography using my digital camera and enjoy using my photoshop skills and abilities in photo editing. If it is illustration that you are looking for I enjoy w...Expand


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Nathan Zapolski
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Joined Jul 2020
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6 months ago
For the past 10 years I have been working in design, stemming from Computer-Aided Design and working towards Graphic Design and Media Arts, which is where I find myself now. Designing is something in my life that I never dislike or will outgrow, but simply move forward within. What I have done is taken my experience and interest to a higher level and gained further abilities within the field and constantly strive to do so.

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