Freelancer Danielle Bernazani
$ 25

Graphic Designer Danielle Bernazani, Design, Media & Architecture

Danielle Bernazani
United States, Belmont
Joined Jul 6, 2020

About Danielle

I have been working with adobe suite programs for over three years now and continue to learn everyday. I am a recent 2020 graduate and ready to dive into the design industry.

About freelancer

Danielle Bernazani
Joined Jul 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
Hello! My name is Danielle Bernazani and I’m an enthusiastic designer eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and organizational skills. I have a clear understanding of graphic art, painting, drawing, color theory and training in Adobe programs. I am motivated to learn, grow and contribute to the graphic design industry.

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