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Graphic Designer Devins Harris, Design, Media & Architecture

Devins Harris
United States, Barnesville
Joined Jul 3, 2020

About Devins

I was born in the year of 1994. I was a very artistic child and have always loved creating things. I fell in love with design at the tender age of 12 when I saw the movie posters for Juno and Transformers. I Graduated from Lamar county Highschool in 2013, and started offering my design and art services. In 2015 I attended Fullsail University after...Expand

About freelancer

Devins Harris
Joined Jul 2020
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1 years ago
I am a fun loving creative, who strives to be great. I became a Graphic Designer to help businesses, and brands make their mark in the world, to create unique identities for them so that their businesses may be successful. I also became a Graphic Designer because as a child I always wanted to be an artist. I always loved the visual elements that surrounded me and the things I loved. Those things shaped a love of design within me and I always wanted to be the person that makes those things. I could go on and on about how my childhood influenced my love for design and the drive to become a designer, but I won't. Instead I will simply say that every seed has to be planted, watered, and weather storms so that when it blooms, it shines brightly, even in the midst of storms.

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