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Graphic Designer Gabriela Martinez, Design, Media & Architecture

Gabriela Martinez
United States, Marquette
Joined Jun 16, 2020

About Gabriela

Hi I'm Gabriela, a graphic designer, Illustrator and marketer. Recently I have graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Invision, with some knowledge in other software like Microsoft. Identifying improved ap...Expand

About freelancer

Gabriela Martinez
Joined Jun 2020
Last seen
2 years ago
A student-athlete at Northern Michigan University who devotes an average of 20-25 hours per week to training while working towards a Bachelors Degree in graphic design and a minor in marketing. Self-motivated artist with experience in leadership positions and working in teams. Manages time efficiently and work well under pressure. I consider myself a passionate visual designer and visionary creator of innovative advertising campaigns. Familiar with current fashion trends and campaign lines. A maker who thrives working across functional teams, including marketing, technical production, and sales. Clear communicator and collaborative team player with an eye for detail and skilled in customer relations. But most importantly I am adept at thinking out of the box to generate ideas and concepts.

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