Freelancer Abbey Holmes
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Graphic Designer/Marketer Abbey Holmes, Design, Media & Architecture

Abbey Holmes
United States, McLean
Joined May 2, 2020

About Abbey I have 4 years of experience working with Adobe applications doing poster design, video design, and other mediums for my classes. I have also been in charge of various social media campaigns to increase attention and interaction with clients, as well as using email marketing techniques to introduce e-newsletters and other wa...Expand


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Abbey Holmes
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Joined May 2020
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1 years ago
Hello! My name is Abbey, and I am an enthusiastic and creative graphic designer with a background in marketing, with strengths in creativity, collaboration and taking criticism (from print projects to creating music videos and stop motion).I am experienced in many forms of art and media, as well as time management for said projects and collaboration with other designers for ideas and inspiration.

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