Freelancer Michael Perlmutter
$ 40

Graphic Designer Michael Perlmutter, Design, Media & Architecture

Michael Perlmutter
United States, Raleigh
Joined Jun 27, 2020

About Michael

- logo design - t-shirt design - sign design (interior/exterior) - posters / banners / brochures / ads - social media graphics (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter) - illustrations - typography



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Michael Perlmutter
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Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
Hi, my name is Michael Perlmutter and I am a humorous optimist, perspective bender, passionate artist, driven designer, and open-minded individual. As a creator I am best known for ideation by indulging fully in the details of the story or concept at hand. Like most great stories, I am at my best when I am part of a creative team.

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