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Miranda Dickson
United States, Austin
Joined May 1, 2020

About Miranda

I've worked for a variety of companies (from start-ups to more established businesses) to design print and digital collateral. I'm familiar with setting up files for several types of print materials including flyers, posters, business cards, postcards, forms/documents, etc. I've also set up files for several social media platforms and designing graphics to inform and engage the audience.Expand


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Miranda Dickson
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Joined May 2020
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Austin, Texas has been my home and through its community and culture, I became involved with the fine arts, both visual and performing. I majored in Graphic Design & Advertising at Abilene Christian University. After interning and freelance work with a variety of companies (Austin Film Festival, Manic Kat Records, etc.), I became the Graphic Design & Website Associate at the Texas Library Association. My ultimate career aspiration is to be able to work within a company for something I'm passionate about. This pushes me further to experiment with design in order to understand the successes and failures of myself. Learning and growth are core ideas when it comes to choosing a position within a company. The creative approach I use is about being laconic with design. The audience should be able to at least understand the who and the what of a company from their design. I begin with sketches and rough comps and (perhaps with some feedback) move forward with the most concise choices that are both pleasing to the client and the audience.

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