Freelancer Syed Mostasim Hasnain
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Graphic Designer Syed Mostasim Hasnain, Design media architecture

Syed Mostasim Hasnain
Bangladesh, Dhaka
Joined Jan 27, 2020

About Syed Mostasim

1. I have been working for IEEE East West University as a Graphic Designer and also a graphic designer of IEEE Computer Chapter Bangladesh Section. 2. I regularly write content for my Organization in English and with perfection. 3. I am basically a Logo Freak. I love making and designing logo 4. I also design banners, festoons, brochure, even c...Expand


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Syed Mostasim
Syed Mostasim Hasnain
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Joined Jan 2020
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1 years ago
** I am a graphic designer with 2 years of regular practicing. ** I am good at writing contents in English. ** available for data entry

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