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Graphic designer Vy Vy Nguyen, Design, Media & Architecture

Vy Vy Nguyen
United States, Chico
Joined Aug 20, 2020

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Product conception and management from design to delivery. 20+ years experience in this industry



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Vy Vy
Vy Vy Nguyen
Joined Aug 2020
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2 years ago
I’m a graphic designer by trade, and a compassionate person at heart. I find inspiration in my surroundings through family, friends, nature, and my experiences. My background includes corporate, agency and freelance graphic design experience, with a history of leading print, interactive and digital design projects to acclaimed completion. I have worked on nationwide and international marketing, advertising, product launch and image campaigns for global brands and companies, including Coca Cola, Heineken, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Miss Universe, as well as a host of startup and mid-size businesses. I am well versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for print media. My work is my passion. Every project contains a reflection of nature, mirroring the color of life. I want to connect to my clients and for them to respond to designs that capture the client’s innermost intention. Every product that I create contains the potential to inspire an intimate connection. My gift is to express through design the perfect imagery, mirroring the implied intention of my client. And the greatest achievement is work that makes my customer happy and brings success.

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