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Zoe De Poalo
United States, Boston
Joined Sep 29, 2020

About Zoe

My background is in Advertising but I have a strong passion for Marketing and Design. I've done anything from market research to branding and my design experiences have allowed me to grow to where I am today.



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Zoe De Poalo
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Joined Sep 2020
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Here’s the short story. I’m a Florida girl through and through; so, yes, the beach is my happy place and it always will be. After I finished my Marketing degree at Florida Gulf Coast University, I needed a change of scenery. For me, this meant moving across the country to get my M.S. in Advertising at Boston University. Oh! I should also mention that I want to be an Art Director when I grow up. Now that you’re caught up to speed, here’s a few more fun facts about me. •Exploding Kittens is my FAVORITE game (peep the cone of shame from the first expansion pack) •I’ve changed my own spark plugs & ignition coils •My first dog will be a weenie (timeline tbd) but for now I’m a proud aunt to a mini aussie •I spent three months studying in Germany & I have a tattoo from there to prove it •I definitely quote The Office way too much •I take pictures of my feet everywhere I go •I’m a freak of nature and can break the laws of physics

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