Freelancer Lindsay Wall
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Graphic & Web Designer Lindsay Wall, Design, Media & Architecture

Lindsay Wall
United States, Washington
Joined Jul 2, 2020

About Lindsay

I am a graduate of Robert Morris University with a BFA in Graphic Design and Interaction Design. I demonstrate flexibility and organizational skills. I meet deadlines and resolved challenges of unique clients all within branding guidelines. I have worked in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines. I also gained real world experience in Web D...Expand


About freelancer

Lindsay Wall
Joined Jul 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
All my life, I have been designing and creating whatever sparks my interest. I knew that I needed to choose a line of work that feeds my passion. The experiences I have everyday get the wheels in my head turning making me want to create something new and exciting. I try to evoke a memorable and lasting response with my designs. Something that will stick with the viewer. I would love to give your vision substance and turn it into a real world experience.

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