Freelancer Jerry Mae Salamatin
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HR and Admin Officer Jerry Mae Salamatin, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Jerry Mae Salamatin
Philippines, Taguig
Joined Nov 11, 2020

About Jerry Mae

I have almost 8yrs work experience as an HR and Admin Officer. Through that I learned to love the profession. I’m a self-starter person, I tend to learn more about my chosen career by attending seminars and trainings for my own development, also for the company I’m working with. I always vision myself to grow with my partner who value the people working with them as they value their company.Expand


Jerry Mae Salamatin

About freelancer

Jerry Mae
Jerry Mae Salamatin
Joined Nov 2020
Last seen
11 months ago
I have my experience as HR and Admin Officer. More on clerical support, Also I have a knowledge on the Philippine Labor code.

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