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Human resource trainee Swetha Yendal Swetha Yendal Swetha Yendal, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

swetha yendal
India, Hyderabad
Joined Sep 13, 2020

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If u are looking for someone who strives for learning something new everyday by enhancing past methods and practices then it is me whom you are looking for. I also have an experience in the field of recruitment while working as an intern before the pandemic. Also my post graduate program and my internship tenure made me feel confident trained me t...Expand


Management trainee

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swetha yendal
Joined Sep 2020
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1 years ago
I am an enthusiast fresher. My areas of specialization during my study were Human resource management and Business analytics. I am peoples person,ambivalent empathetic and spontaneous and I think a HR should possess them. I do have an experience as a recruiter for about 2 months during my internship and 3 months in freelancing in the field of recruitment. From your job description I noticed that you are looking for someone who is good at communication and technical skills which is why I fit for the job. I have always been a creative person and a fast learner which has been my strength.Also my internship program (A practical experience) helped me develop my managerial skills and I am looking forward to work with you.

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