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Alejandra Llerena
Peru, Arequipa
Joined Nov 10, 2020

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Hello, my name is Alejandra, I am from Arequipa, Peru. I am an official tour guide, I have always liked to travel and since I started working as a tour guide I consider myself an ambassador for my country ready to share everything I know about Peru, our traditions, culture and the beautiful places you can find in Peru. . I speak English (C1) and F...Expand

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Alejandra Llerena
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Joined Nov 2020
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My name is Alejandra,i am from Peru so i am native spanish speaker and i am a tour guide in my country.The reason because i decided to be tour guide is because i enjoy traveling for my country and i love sharing about the history or the traditions of my country.I am talkative and i like to know more about other cultures and i enjoy helping people to learn my language it is really amazing when people from other countries come to Peru and they speak a little bit of spanish or they speak in spanish.I have had the chance to give some spanish classes and i really enjoy the moment.

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