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Interior Designer Pratik Sawant, Design, Media & Architecture

Pratik Sawant
India, Navi Mumbai
Joined May 21, 2020

About Pratik

Hey, I am interior designer based in Navi Mumbai. I can design commercial as well as residential premises. The turnkey projects are always best. There is more in interior design to visualise and to create.


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Pratik Sawant
Joined May 2020
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2 years ago
Hey, I am Pratik founder of HomeSpace Interiors. Any type of interior services such as home renovation, designing, consultation or execution, vaastu consulting and all services related to the interior field. I am happy to help.

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As an individual with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a master’s in Interior Design, I am passionate about taking care of the end-user and the back-end analysis of customer satisfaction. Therefore, with my education and experience in interior design, as well as commitment to dynamic, forward-focused commercial space planning, I am confident that I would bring value to peer-to-peer organizations such as WONO. Highlights of my background include: • Professional writing and generating creative marketing content as an Event Assistant at Center for Public Research • Planned and coordinated meetings with vendors and clients while serving as a scribe to document meeting minutes as a Design Assistant at Dani Arps LLC • Excelling in planning and drafting concepts for commercial projects while attending an intensive interior design educational program. • Acquiring in-depth expertise in a variety of interior design elements, including color schemes, furnishings, materials, textures, and floor plans. • Developing mood boards and organizing information exchanged during meetings, while communicating consistently with vendors, suppliers, traders, and contractors to ensure successful project execution. • Utilizing organizational, interpersonal, and motivational skills to propel projects and teams to peak results. • Currently refining my skills in using Revit software while I possess degrees in Marketing and Interior Design.
Design, Media & Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture
Photoshop Design
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