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Ashley Paramo
United States, Houston
Joined Jul 7, 2020

About Ashley

Write compelling blog articles for Books Aroono on literature, books, and reading. Create guest posts for Aroono Blog Network’s featured websites. Conduct research and monitor blog traffic patterns to assess content needs. Work with Books Aroono Editor to brainstorm relevant article ideas. Promote and share content on social media. Engage with visitors in comments and social media.Expand

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Ashley Paramo
Joined Jul 2020
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6 months ago
I’m a freelance writer with 3 years experience in copywriting and content writing, and 5 years experience in academic writing. English and Spanish are my native languages, and I can write quality copy in either language. I graduated from The University of Puerto Rico in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, a minor degree in Writing and Communication, and certification in Digital Marketing. During college, I had various jobs, many of which were in tutoring students on the nuances of the English language.​ These experiences shaped me into someone who is great at working under pressure, following strict guidelines, adjusting to different writing formats and styles, and producing short-form and long-form content in a short period of time.

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