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Management graduate with 3 and half years of experience in project Management and sales roles. Devanshi Thakkar, Sales & Marketing

Devanshi Thakkar
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Assistant Area Manager, Mumbai (Mar 2020 – Present) • Scope of work- 50cr+ revenue, 28 Channel Partners, 6 Sales officers, 2 Brands • Managed team of 6 sales officers for driving sales as well as sales excellence objectives. • Increased contribution of Led Battens from 12% to 26% by organizing field activity with distributors, dealers, and sales t...Expand

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Devanshi Thakkar
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To whom it may concern, I am applying for the Social Media Specialist position. I have a particular interest for marketing, when it comes to business management. I love the aspects of identifying and meeting customer’s needs. My drive, marketing skills, great communication skills, and being an adaptable learner certainly qualify me for such a position. In college, I was a Growth Marketing Intern for start-up company JoyRun. It was exciting to contribute to a new business and to be able to see the driving metrics of our work. It was a very hands on job where I set weekly goals that were to be met or at least close to those goals. I marketed in person, face-to-face with fellow students and local community members. I marketed on Instagram and on Twitter, alongside giving my manager new marketing ideas. I was apart of clubs in college, being on the board of one of them, the African Friendship Association. My role as the event coordinator called for marketing our events on all social media platforms, including Facebook. I always had a passion for the work the clubs and/or job stood for so it made it that more enjoyable to market for them. All of the extracurricular activities I participated in taught me about accountability and drive in the business world. My skills of accountability, marketing techniques, being a great team worker, and dependable, are great qualities for the Social Media Specialist position. I am excited to bring my skills to the table along with learning new skills and information. I look to hearing back from you. Side note: I am not able to download my resume for some odd reason. Thank you, Betty Kibreab
Sales & Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Brand Marketing
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