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Hi! Just read your posting. Sounds like you need a market researcher expert to work for you on a few things… from CRM and market researching, to what you should offer to get signups in the first place. I have a background in funnels and marketing research and have been doing this for 2 years, including for some other subscription/membership busin...Expand

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I graduated in May of 2020 from Ursinus College. During my time at Ursinus, I have worked to graduate in three and a half years with Magna Cum Laude Honors. Through my past internships, and personal experience that I have gained, my goal is to use the influence of marketing to connect people with businesses and products that I genuinely believe in. With my prior experience, I believe that I have worked to gain the necessary education and entrepreneurial experience to be able to go above and beyond in this position. Over the past six years, I have cultivated a following on multiple social media platforms to promote businesses, giving me foundational skills in customer service, sales, and marketing. This in-depth experience led to the opportunity of becoming a social media marketing intern for Expressive Path, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing opportunities in the arts for at-risk children. I worked to build both short and long term campaigns to promote their annual arts festival. Creating content for another business taught me how to develop, implement, and maintain a focused marketing campaign, as well as establish and keep track of analytics and web traffic in order to make productive adjustments. The nature of this workload helped me develop strong organizational skills. I have appreciated the dynamic that comes with working as part of a team during my time at Elmo Pio Imports, as well as the projects I have worked on for Breakthru Beverage. I had the opportunity to work with a design team at Elmo Pio Imports to plan and implement the new label for the launch of their Moscato can line this year. This taught me strong strategic and organizational skills, and the collaboration during this experience was what solidified my aspiration to pursue a position in the creative direction of marketing and social media management.
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