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Amanda Nicolas
United States, DeBary
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Hello! I am Amanda, a recent graduate from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors in Marketing and a Certificate in Professional Sales. I am a very positive person with a go-getter attitude and a fast learner. I am also very adaptable to any situation and can work really well under pressure thanks to my previous diverse leadership experie...Expand

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Amanda Nicolas
Joined Jul 2020
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9 months ago
Marketing graduate looking for a firm that offers career growth, skill development, and a work-life balance. I am looking to bring my leadership (at Starbucks and The Hive being responsible for inventory, money, brand image, and employees) and diverse work experience in retail, sales, leadership, and marketing into my career job to further my development. As a recent college graduate, I know I still have a lot to learn but as a go-getter and fast learner that adapts to any situation, my success will continue to motivate me. My very positive easy to get along with personality and eagerness to learn new skills will only help when it comes to my development. Help me help you! Teach me new skills and watch me succeed. I am open to positions in marketing, human resources, sales, public relations. Yes, that is a long list, not because I am unfocused, but because I want to learn and grow beyond an entry level position to continue building a diverse background. Visit my website to learn more about me!

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