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Tanya Kulshrestha
India, Indore
Joined Oct 13, 2020

About Tanya

A Marketing professional with 7+ yrs of experience under my belt, I am a passionate chocolate lover who loves networking! Someone who can have typically long conversations on subjects varying from tech - comedy - coffee to absolutely about anything. I aspire to learn something new from every such conversation. I am skilled in Digital Marketing(S...Expand


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Tanya Kulshrestha
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Joined Oct 2020
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8 months ago
Hi, I am Tanya, a chubby girl who always has a story to tell or experiences to share, along with that a Marketing Enthusiast, who was introduced to the world of #Marketing and #Advertising by her brother a couple of years back and since then have been actively-happily involved in this field...! 🔵 Story Telling 🔵 Content Marketing 🔵 Growth Marketing 🔵 Creator Operations 🔵 Content Operations 🔵 Campaign Management 🔵 Influencer Marketing 🔵 Employer Branding These are a few skills that inspire me everyday and brings me a few steps closer to what I wish to achieve in life! My competencies lies in all aspects of Marketing and Branding. Oh & did I mention that I am a strong believer of Meme Marketing? Yes, because Humor is what keeps me going!

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