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Mechanical Engineer Sesha Sai Pavan Kumar Kanithi, Sesha Sai Pavan Kumar Kanithi, Sesha Sai Pavan Kumar Kanithi, Engineering & Science

Sesha sai Pavan kumar Kanithi
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Over 3 years of experience in Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. Strong background in Plant Engineering, Corrective base Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance. Proven skills in Solid works, Ansys, Auto-cad. Demonstrated ability to work under Tough Situations and any condition. Professional communication skills include fluency in English, Telugu and H...Expand

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Sesha sai Pavan kumar
Sesha sai Pavan kumar Kanithi
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Summary ● Stress/Structural Engineer in the aerospace industry with a demonstrated history of working as a design engineer. Skilled in Stress Analysis, Computer-design Design, Communication, Manufacturing, FEMAP, and Product Development. Experience ● Stress/Structural Engineer | January 2018 – present o Responsibilities: ▪ FE modelling and analysis of interior monuments for A350 XWB, preparation of certification reports (IFL, QSR, etc.) in order to show regulatory agencies requirements compliance. ▪ Conducts stress analysis on aircraft interiors (galleys) on A350 XWB and related components to evaluate ability to withstand stresses imposed during flight. ▪ Analysis the ability of structural components individually to withstand stress imposed by static and dynamic loads due to operational conditions. ▪ Studies specification and design requirements to determine strength and bending characteristics of parts and assemblies. ▪ Give inputs to the design based on analysis of the current design and suggest necessary modifications. ● Design Engineer | January 2017 – July 2018 o Production Workflow Checker ▪ Responsible for assessing and ensuring all designed products are in accordance with customer requirements and should be possible to manufacture in the production line. o Change management peer-reviewer/originator ▪ Supported Change Management Team for peer-reviewing/creating changes in the design and ensuring that it meets customer requirements. o Weight Saving Team ▪ Supported in reducing metallic sheet reinforcement’s (doubler) thickness in strategic locations to save overall weight of the interior monument without sacrificing structural integrity. Skills ● Practical FEMAP user (linear analysis with limited knowledge to non-linear analysis) ● Design Engineering / Design Change ● Translate concept designs into Computer Aided Design (CAD) models. ● Practiced CATIA user ● Root-cause analysis ● Knowledgeable in product configuration ● Knowledgeable in Product Life Cycle Management ● Easy to adopt with any working environment
Engineering & Science
Structural Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
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