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Md. Safiullah Sarker
Bangladesh, Dhaka
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There are 4D in a healing process. When a person is sick (disease, 1st D) he visit a doctor (2nd D). The doctor tries to diagnose (3rd D) the client’s disease. “Dia” means through and “gnosis” means know. So, know through a test is diagnosis. Once the disease or problem is diagnosed then the 4th D or drugs come in the arena. The physician then pre...Expand


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Md. Safiullah
Md. Safiullah Sarker
Joined Jul 2020
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Medical Research COVID-19 is a viral disease and I am a Virologist. My PhD was on HIV genotyping. I know Biology and the Molecular aspect of HIV. I know DNA sequence analysis using Bioinformatics tools. I also use Adobe Illustrator for preparing a phylogenetic tree. I have also published more than 18 articles in peer-reviewed journals. My objective is to help others in medical research, Bioinformatics (Chromas, SeqMan, Gendoc, MEGA) to analyze DNA sequences, article preparation, and data analysis using SPSS, preparing reference using Endnote, Paperpile. I have extensive experience in Nutrition research and prevention services for bloodborne pathogens like HIV, Hepatitis, Dengue, Nipah, other Respiratory [including SERS-CoV-2(agent of COVID-19) and Zoonotic pathogens. Remuneration (hourly rate) is negotiable as per work nature of the projects

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