Freelancer Dario Andreella
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Musician, Composer/Arranger, Web Designer/Developer, Translation & Languages Dario Andreella, Design, Media & Architecture

Dario Andreella
Denmark, Sunds
Joined Apr 14, 2020

About Dario

I am a professional musician with high education and skills, both in the classical and non classical worlds. Beside that I am native Italian with deep knowledge of my language, and with English and Danish at high level. I have good skills in Audio (professional) and Video editing, Web Developing (mainly CMS), Desktop Publishing, Presentations (Key...Expand

About freelancer

Dario Andreella
Joined Apr 2020
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9 months ago
Organist, Music Teacher (Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Music Theory, Composition, Arrangment) Composer, Arranger. I like electronics, DIY, and I want to contribute to a better society.

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