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Sumy k Tomy
India, Angamaly
Joined Sep 1, 2020

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*Operation Support at Tesco (Retail and distribution)- Microsoft excel, Data entry, Mainframe, training, communication with the stakeholder, conducting brown bag sessions. *Harvesting Analyst at IBM (Knowledge/Content analyst) - Microsoft excel, content management, Enterprise content Management, worked on Lotus notes. *Kindergarten teacher and A...Expand

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Sumy k
Sumy k Tomy
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Joined Sep 2020
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Reynaldo reached out to me via Internshala. I have 6 years of total experience, 3years of Operations support at Tesco, Bangalore, 1 year in Knowledge/content analyst at IBM, Bangalore and 2 years as a Kindergarten teacher and administrator at Tiny Woods Kindergarten, Angamaly.

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