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Willard Hine
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• Wrote marketing articles for Bam Marketing (CBD products/business opportunities) • Researched and wrote press releases for Press Advantage (Press releases) • Wrote article on my struggles with OCD for website (Mental health issues) • Researched and wrote consumer complaint letters/emails and called companies and organi...Expand

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Willard Hine
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Joined May 2021
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I am a professional writer based in Houston, Texas. I began my professional writing career in October 2018 when I was hired to write press releases. Then I wrote some articles on the CBD business for a client. I have also written articles on travel, my struggles with OCD and depression, tips on buying a home, the decline of customer service, and consumer letters. I have written for industries such as telecommunications, health, and home services. I have been using the Internet for over 25 years so I’m well-versed in Internet research. I was even a frequent visitor to BBSes back in the day. My degree is a B.A. in Social Science. You can learn more about my writing skills by going to my website at, my LinkedIn page at, or my Facebook page at You can also email me at [email protected] or call me at 713-266-6518. I look forward to hearing from you.

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