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Quality Assurance Engineer Alexander Betser, Engineering & Science

Alexander Betser
United States, New York
Joined Dec 6, 2020

About Alexander

20 years of fretting about bugs in C#, PHP and TSQL code. Taking to the other side of barricades.

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Alexander Betser
Joined Dec 2020
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1 years ago
After developing software for two decades I carry over technical writing, facilitation and software design skills. I can contribute text, data, diagrams and screencasts to a test documentation. I have full SDLC full stack experience and can speak with developers and product owners in their languages to clarify usage scenarios and help to reproduce errors. As someone who both took bug reports from customer service, escalated bug reports to customer service and backed customer service on occasion I’m able to facilitate communication between QA, customer service and developers. Knowledge of how information systems are constructed coupled with mild depression, paranoia and anxiety can be helpful to create negative test cases and focus efforts on most error prone parts of the system. Software design skills allow me to quickly learn test automation tools. As someone who worked in Scrum agile framework I strongly believe that including testers in the design phase results in more adequate tests that are being developed simultaneously with the product. Testing team can borrow Scrum’s activity that is called Introspection which is a collective brainstorming about what can be done better.

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