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Remote Data Analyst Alankrit Nirjhar Alankrit Nirjhar Alankrit Nirjhar Alankrit Nirjhar Alankrit Nirjhar Alankrit Nirjhar, Engineering & Science

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Technical Tools - Python, SQL, Microsoft Excel, R Skills - Data Analyst, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Modeling Experience - 1 Year 2 Months experience in all of the above mentioned Skills


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George Lomia
Software Engineer George Lomia, Engineering & Science
Giorgi Lomia EDUCATION Berea College, Berea, KY August 2017 - May 2021 Double Major: B.A. Computer Science, B.A. Mathematics. GPA: 3.8/4 Relevant Courses: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Calculus 2, Fundamentals of Math, Linear Algebra, Computational Neuroscience. SKILLS Programming Languages: Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, R, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, SQL. Artificial Intelligence: TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Sckit, Pytorch, Sklearn, Pandas. Operating Systems: Linux, Google Cloud, Windows, macOS. Languages: Russian, Georgian, Polish. EXPERIENCE Teacher Assistant for Software Design and Data Structures, Berea College: August 2018-Now • Analyzed and graded +30,000 lines of code, to provide feedback and suggest improvements to students. • Initiated +50 labs and projects for students, to encourage solving Python and C++ problems. • Facilitated 130 students to explore programming and data structures and increased average grade by 34%. Software Engineer Intern, Kinetic Vision: June 2020- August 2020 • Developed a full semantic segmentation pipeline for a dataset of over 100,000 images with 54 classes. • Designed and implemented a computer vision pipeline for one of the largest retailers in the world. • Integrated an IoT sensor system, using over 1,000 hours of footage. • Collaborated with a diverse team to improve retail stocking process speed by 8%. Android Development Tech Lead, Codepath: December 2019- August 2020 • Led, coordinated, and organized 15 Android developers, creating a variety of applications. • Developed and designed 10+ Android applications, as well as helped students design over 30 applications. • Increased the largest pipeline of high-performing underrepresented engineers in tech via Codepath. • Taught Facebook-designed, for credit, 12-week Android development course on campus with 25+ students. Software Engineer Intern, System Corp: June 2019- August 2019 • Wrote an image segmentation and classification algorithm, using Python and C++ to diagnose 50 skin diseases. • Launched a full diagnosis pipeline from image reception to inference on 22 hospital servers. • Reduced diagnosis time from 2 hours to 2 seconds per patient and improved diagnostic accuracy by 4%. • Collaborated with and learned from a dedicated team of 12 data scientists and software developers, to solve diverse problems. • Performed 356 hours of applied research in machine learning, contributing to the medical research community. Software Engineer Intern, Kashmir World Foundation: April 2019- June 2019 • Developed an artificial intelligence system, in C++ and Python, to classify and detect animals in camera trap image feed, to help save snow leopards and other 12 endangered species. • Wrote a research paper on 412 hours of applied, deep learning, research conducted. • Cut down animal image classification process conducted by preservation workers from 2 weeks to 5 minutes, by implementing a full image processing pipeline. • Overcame challenges of occlusion, camouflage, and localization for a data set containing +100,000 images. PROJECTS Deep Learner: (Python, Tensorflow, Keras): • Designed an interactive, easy to use GUI, allowing users to import, visualize, and inspect data, in 24 hours. • Devised a system enabling users to construct, train, and run neural networks that are 15+ layers deep without writing any code. QR & Barcode Detector (Python, OpenCV): • Implemented a Computer Vision system using OpenCV, detecting Barcodes and QR codes within 0.5 seconds. • Streamlined barcode and QR code lookup and identification of 154,212,372 items and websites. WatermarkRemover (Python, Tensorflow, Keras): • Designed a watermark remover system, to identify the weaknesses of modern copyright protection. • Created a network to denoise and clear watermarks from a large variety of images. InstaParse (Java, Android Studio, XML, Heroku): • Designed an app similar to Instagram in functionality. • Users can view the last 20 posts submitted to InstaParse.
Engineering & Science
Deep Learning
Machine Learning (ML)
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