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Sales and marketing manager, Data entry handling, customer satisfaction department Bhartendu Harshad Attri, Data Entry & Admin

Bhartendu Harshad Attri
India, Aligarh
Joined Sep 1, 2020

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I adapt to the environment and situation I am in very easily and I have good convincing abilities too. Also I am hardworking and have good decision making skills, communication skills which are essential for almost every job. I always try to learn something from my failures, so that I can start up again with a new energy and efficiency. I’m also ...Expand


Sales and marketing manager

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Bhartendu Harshad
Bhartendu Harshad Attri
Joined Aug 2020
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1 years ago
My interests include gaming, i like mobile games and also volleyball as an outdoor activity. I've also played many inter school tournament and one state level tournament which was held in Aligarh itself at Ahilyabai stadium during school years. I am friendly person and always try to help people who are in need. I am hardworking and my communication skills are good.I have strong command on English and Hindi language which are two basic daily communication languages. I have good deslcision making skills. I am always motivated towards the work I do and I put all of my efforts in the work given to me on my responsibility. My personality is good and I am always eager to take responsibility. I have big dreams and I will do I am required to do to fulfill them. I have leadership qualities too, I will always come forward to support my team and my colleagues whenever needed and I'll try to guide them if I find them taking on a wrong path. I always prefer to choose ethical ways to complete the work given to me, may it be the hard way, but I always try do everything the right way. Also I have warm nature, and try to make everyone feel at home.

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