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Alice Cronin
United States, New York
Joined Jun 10, 2020

About Alice

Mistress of a thousand voices with a proven background articulating targeted, on-brand messages for everything from makeup to mustard. From eye-catching headlines to persuasive content, six characters to 6,000 words, I specialize in copy that thinks, winks, speaks to its audience and achieves desired results.

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Alice Cronin
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Joined Jun 2020
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I inhabit the voices of brands big and small. A creative dynamo with an advertorial background, I specialize in understanding what consumers want — and what they want to hear. Adept at multichannel campaigns, lifestyle advertising and editorial concepts that produce news-making results, my deep-down passions include: fashion, beauty, pop culture, language and jargon of all kinds, and baking. Dedicated skills: writing, creative strategy, brand building, UI/UX optimization, concepts, project management, photo styling, storyboarding.

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