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Soc Analyst Shalem Bheemadolu, Engineering & Science

Shalem Bheemadolu
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A competent professional with 3+Years of experience in information security. Strong knowledge in Security Monitoring and Operation. Good knowledge in Arc Sight, Logrhythm Crowd Strike SIEM

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Shalem Bheemadolu
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Mahadeva Swamy K M
Information Security Administrator Mahadeva Swamy K M, Engineering & Science
Develop ,Troubleshoot, implement policies, standards, documents & guidelines related to information security. VPN (Cisco & Zscaler), Endpoint Security(SEP & Crowdstrke), PKI and External DNS are key areas.Expertise on handling requests and incidents. * Have an Experience of 2yrs. 1. VPN ( Cisco & Zscaler) # Facilitation support in Remote access VPN by provisioning the VPN access to various Employees and Contractors working remotely for LS&Co on time. # Playing a key role in Troubleshooting,Configuring,implementing and Documenting L2 level VPN related issues. # Worked on Cisco and Zscaler application and have a proper grip on their functionality. 2. Endpoint Security ( SEP and Crowdstrike) # Managing and administrating various security polices on Retail and Corporate machines. # Expert on Reports , Auditing for compliance and maintaining balanced security posture on overall organization. # Configuring policies, Troubleshooting AV related tickets and incidents. # Worked on SEP and Crowdstrike Clients and have a proper knowledge on their functionality. 3.PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) # Handling User, Machine, server certificate requests both internally and externally. # Played a major role in provisioning around 500+ certificates within a week during pandemic and successfully closed the Digicert contract which saves a huge finance to client. # Have a sufficient knowledge on Digicert, Entrust, Keyfactor CA. 4.External DNS (UltraDNS) # Assigned a new responsibility on External DNS(UltraDNS) technology # Handling a tickets in creating a various type of DNS records.
Engineering & Science
Telecommunications Engineering
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