Freelancer Cory Gazaille

Social Media Creator / Editor Cory Gazaille, Design, Media & Architecture

Cory Gazaille
United States, Atlanta
Joined Jun 8, 2020

About Cory

In my 5 years working in marketing, I have helped create multiple social media campaigns to educate and attract prospects and clients through consistent and quality work. I understand the fast paced nature of social media but have never sacrificed quality or attention to detail. Building and/ or enforcing brand recognition is what I find most fun,...Expand

About freelancer

Cory Gazaille
Joined Jun 2020
Last seen
2 years ago
Hi, I'm Cory and my specialty is video and media content creation for social media and short form platforms. With attention to speed but a focus on quality I can keep up with the high volume demands of the social media world, while maintaining consistent quality.

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