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Simran Gaba
India, Indore
Joined Oct 30, 2020

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How To Set Your Brand Up For Success? Social media marketing management. Looking to get noticed by your customers? Developing a social media campaign for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a great way to showcase your brand. Increase your engagement from social media by hiring a marketing expert today. I have invested my last 5+ years in Digit...Expand

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Simran Gaba
Joined Oct 2020
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2 years ago
Online marketing expert that get results I help you achieve breakthrough sales and profits by planning and implementing your social media marketing strategies. I have rich experience, E-mail Marketing, and Blog writing. There are great ways to build an internet marketing campaign, and there are shortcuts that get you lots of followers but don't grow your business. I'd rather get you 2,000 followers that might purchase from you instead of 20,000 who won't. My goal is to use social media to reach out to your customers and potential customers and engage in conversations about your product and services. This is what will grow your social network, but more importantly, grow your business. ★ My current clients keep me extremely busy, so I never take on a new client without careful screening ★ Due to the Huge number of inquiries sometimes It's getting tough for me to respond on an immediate basis so I ensure to respond in 24 hours maximum! Patience will be the key if you are looking forward to a successful working relationship

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