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Social Media & Marketing Associate Yonalis Fabian , Sales & Marketing

Yonalis Fabian
United States, Methuen
Joined Jun 23, 2020

About Yonalis

Previous Experience -Creating Email Campaigns to showcase the newest and hottest merchandise -Photographing & Posting merchandise regularly for Business Instagram & Pinterest -Creating Instagram look books for certain occasions/seasons -Developing & Editing video content to post on BigCommerce for Youtube Channel -Focus on enhancing SEO and gaining clicks/new sales -Increasing followers/views -Creating video production sheetsExpand

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Yonalis Fabian
Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
Hi! I studied Communication & Media at Merrimack College. I am interested in pursuing a career in the Social Media and Marketing sector. I have experience working in social media and in the marketing field from being employed at different retail stores. My work there ranged from video production, managing social media accounts and advertisements amongst other tasks.

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