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Social Media Marketing Specialist Sohail Baloch, Sales & Marketing

Sohail Baloch
United States, Philadelphia
Joined Jun 14, 2020

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Built, implemented, and updated effective SEO strategies. Helped clients develop website portals and social media pages to promote businesses. Maximized strategic approaches by keeping a close eye on performance and making appropriate adjustments. Supported SEO initiatives to improve content, keywords, and branding. Increased customer engagement t...Expand

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Sohail Baloch
Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
I am moivated and passionate about the social media and this passion took me into learning many skills in this field. Below are some of the skills that I posses: 1: Copywriting for webinar, written sales letter, and video sales letter. 2: Emil Marketing 3: Social Media Management including twitter, Instagram, Youtubube, Facebook and other platforms. 4: Designing Funnels from clickfunnel 5: Running Ads that gets conversion on social media 6: Help growing the email list of my clients 7: Help them grow their business 10 percent with 60 to 90 days.

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Pooja Kandappa
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I have two year's of experience managing editorial content across social media platforms for fashion, beauty, lifestyle for a fashion tech company and later, for UC Berkeley's international programs. I'm proficient in the end-to-end social media management process, from developing content, curating images, creating designs in Photoshop and Illustrator, writing copy for the social media posts, and scheduling posts through Sprout Social. I've also run paid social media campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and I'm skilled in engagement campaigns. I graduated from UC Berkeley recently with a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and I've learned a lot about project management, growth hacking and brand awareness. I also have three years’ experience working in corporate communications at the World Bank where I tackled many documentation projects, which made me an effective team player, and skilled in technical writing and operational project management. During my time there I directly managed a team of 5 for one of the team's biggest projects, and ensured the completion of phases on time. I've also been part of process documentation projects which involved interviewing key members of multiple teams to document their systems and procedures. This gave me an understanding on how to work with different temperaments and still get the projects done on time. I'm an empathetic, organized, data-driven marketer, with customer satisfaction as a top priority. I have a background of “listening” to the consumer, through the story within performance marketing data, which has allowed me to drive new initiatives and content creation in my previous marketing roles.I have used analytical tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Sprout Social in my past roles.   You can find some of my content samples here:
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