Freelancer Channtel Ravenell

Social Media Specialist Channtel Ravenel, Design, Media & Architecture

Channtel Ravenell
United States, Boston
Joined Jul 6, 2020

About Channtel

I have extensive experience in social media content design and marketing. I also have knowledge about psychology and human behavior. I've worked with various companies, such as the Hamilton Garrett Music And Arts Academy, Harvard Medical School, Boston Public School Headquarters, as well as my own online stores ( and Melodyke...Expand


About freelancer

Channtel Ravenell
Joined Jul 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
I am a neuroscience student and entrepreneur. I understand the psychology of human behavior and the fundamentals of marketing. I have extensive social media marketing experience with Hamilton Garrett Music and Arts Academy, local artists, and my own online stores. Being a quick learner, I am always ready to accomplish any assignment.

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