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Natalie Ortiz
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Manage and create original Social Media Content, this includes both Graphic Design and Writing. Analyze current audience/following and strategize for growth. Create Campaigns across multiple platforms. Create Branding and Image, and maintain consistency in visual imagery that is used.


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Natalie Ortiz
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My personal art explores how interiors and exteriors interface and inform each other. That concept fuels the literal expansion and growth of my work, using the 2- Dimensional World to push the boundaries encasing the physics of our 3-Dimensional World. "Explosions", "Expansion" "Chaos" are common themes I work through. Printmaking is my medium of choice however I find that the concept dictates the medium, and as such, my body of work includes Print, Graphic Design, as well as various 3-D media. Currently I am drawn to narrative and nostalgia, as well as how Art can be used as a voice for activism and civil rights. My work is currently moving in multiple directions and going through a refining process. I am encouraged by this phase of exploration both in concept and media as I prepare to release a new body of work.

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