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Social Media Specialist Pooja Kandappa, Sales & Marketing

Pooja Kandappa
United States, San Francisco
Joined Jun 23, 2020

About Pooja

I have two year's of experience managing editorial content across social media platforms for fashion, beauty, lifestyle for a fashion tech company and later, for UC Berkeley's international programs. I'm proficient in the end-to-end social media management process, from developing content, curating images, creating designs in Photoshop and Illust...Expand


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Pooja Kandappa
Joined Jun 2020
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I'm an experienced marketing and social media specialist skilled in creating content related to eCommerce/fashion/trends using current events, pop culture and data analytics. I'm a growth focused marketer, who believes in leveraging data to create content that goes viral. I have a background in corporate communications and content strategy for fashion and community engagement. I have three years’ experience working in corporate communications at the World Bank where I tackled many documentation projects, which made me an effective team player, and skilled in operational project management. I also have close to two year’s worth of experience in social media content creation and data analytics, where I handled the responsibility of end-to-end content management and data reporting. I graduated from UC Berkeley recently with a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and I've learned a lot about growth hacking and brand management. I enjoy creative writing, both long-form articles as well as social media captions. I'm proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva which allows me to be creative with curating the perfect images and graphic designs to go with the written content. I'm an empathetic, organized, data-driven marketer, with customer satisfaction as a top priority. I have a background of “listening” to the consumer, through the story within performance marketing data, which has allowed me to drive new initiatives and content creation in my previous marketing roles. I'm a self-starter and relish taking initiatives to come up with new paid ad campaigns based on current trends as well as historical data on what types of content gets the most engagement. I have used analytical tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Sprout Social in my past roles.

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