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Susanna Robinson
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As a child we are told to use our words. Now it's more important that ever to communicate what we are trying to express to the world. What's your story? Let me help you tell the story of your business and what makes you unique. Through education, I found a love of writing. Before I was a writer, I was a Real Estate business owner. The stories of d...Expand


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Susanna Robinson
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Joined Jul 2020
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I'm Susanna Robinson and I'm a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. I live on a cute tree lined street in the middle of the wacky city, Portland, Oregon. It's a big change from the small recreation city of Bend, Oregon, where I moved from. Bend is an amazing place to have fun and raise a family. Portland is a culture driven place, with the best food in the west (my opinion). I write about subjects I love and have knowledge to share. My whole life has been about learning, and observing how the world works. What's more important is the story you and your business needs to tell. Small businesses fascinate me. What makes you unique? When I'm not smelling books and hunched over my keyboard, you can find me stretched out in yoga class, "oh relief"! In addition to every other Portlander, I'm a vegetarian health nut who thinks she's a great artist, and takes public transportation.

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