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Enis Kovacevic
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WORK EXPERIENCE Sanford Health Fargo, ND Food Services April 2019 – Present Tasks include:  As a Food Service Specialist, I was obligated to deliver food to different patients on different floors as well all while on a time constraint.  Along with delivering the food, I was often asked to train new employees as well, I very much enjoyed doing th...Expand


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Enis Kovacevic
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I am currently a Senior pursuing Computer Science at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) on my last semester. I have my Associates's degree in Computer Science at Minnesota State and Technical College (MSCTC) and I am only one course away from having my bachelor's in Computer Science. I have a passion for software and mobile application development and I have been taking courses related to it in school. By working as a debt collector previously I have developed many leadership skills through my position. Through other jobs that I have done, I have also learned various skills of customer service, problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, and responsibility by working as a debt collector for 4 years and at Sanford for a year and a half. I'm currently looking for an internship and I'm willing to relocate.

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Engineering & Science
Data Mining
Data Science
Deep Learning
Machine Learning (ML)
Statistical Analysis
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