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Sarah Keyser
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I'm a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist & music teacher that graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2019 with a degree in songwriting & a minor in music production. I have experience songwriting for artists in many different genres, such as Pop, R&B, Rock, & Punk. I currently work as a teacher, a songwriter/producer at a studio called Treble Girl Inc. and I also freelance in my spare time.Expand

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Sarah Keyser
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In May, 2019, Sarah Keyser graduated from the songwriting program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Sarah has been playing guitar for nine years, singing for eleven and songwriting for twelve. Training includes guitar, voice, bass, and drums. Songwriting, playing music, and cooking are three great passions of hers. Her former band, Moon-Scene, includes collections such as 'Fin' (EP, released July, 2016) and ‘Cosmic Confusion’ (released January, 2016). Sarah won an award in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (2015) for her jazz/blues song, “The One We Left Behind”. She is currently in Los Angeles working on new music with producer, Amanda Marsh (another graduate of Berklee), freelancing as a songwriter & playing guitar for local artists.

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