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SQL Developer - Remote Manoharan Kanniappan, Websites, IT & Software

Manoharan Kanniappan
India, Chennai
Joined Feb 18, 2021

About Manoharan

29 Yrs of Professional Experience  2 Years - SAP – ABAP Consultant in a Manufacturing Company  3Years. - Sr. Manager HR & Performance Management in a BPO Company  3 Years – Sr.Manager Software Development & Database Administration MS SQL 2000 in a BPO Company  4 Years - Project Manager / Project Leader (Offshore Software Development in Embedde...Expand


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Manoharan Kanniappan
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Joined Feb 2021
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3 months ago
Ability to think outside the box . Excellent planner and always looks to the future when organizing projects. Always anticipates change and deals with it effectively. Makes sure that the job is done, and that goals and objectives are reached. Always approachable, contributes to other’s success, a team player, and is a good listener.

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