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Sr. Graphic Designer / Art Director Reynir Hauksson, Design, Media & Architecture

Reynir Hauksson
United States, Lynbrook
Joined May 19, 2020

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Senior Art Director Digital leader and creative with expertise in 3D modeling and all facets of product photography. Savvy creative who can translate concepts into creative designs that also adhere to brand cohesion and standards. Creative and branding specialist with advanced knowledge of design, bringing technology and innovative concepts to the...Expand

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Reynir Hauksson
Joined May 2020
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2 years ago
Hi there. Thank you for visiting my profile page. Now that you are here, let me make it clear, that you are all that matters to me now. What you are looking to get done, is now my mission to get accomplished. I am here to guide you and help you with your design needs. I take much pride in my work and would not send a design to a client unless I were confident that it was absolutely the best I could do. That said I understand that people have different ideas about what they like and what they don't - so my first step is always to listen to the client and find out what they do and do not like. Simple things like color choice or fonts, can determine weather you are on the right track or not. After all it is you the client, that is in charge. I love to solve peoples design problems... Design is what I live for and have done so for over 25 years. My interest in design has ranged from designing CD and DVD packaging to logos and packaging for toys and collectibles, magazine layout and trading card design. T-shirt design for silkscreening or digital printing to large format signage and auto labeling with vinyl. And now the latest in my shop is a lasercutter, that enables me to cut and etch acrylic, etch and cut leather or even create stunning custom lasercut invitations for your birthday or wedding.

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