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Talent Acquisition Consultant (Recruiter) Priscilla Gonzalez, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Priscilla Gonzalez
Joined Jul 6, 2020

About Priscilla

-Manage 60-80 requisitions for book of business; maintain accurate job postings and ensure posting policy has been followed. - Identify, source, attract, screen, behaviorally interview, and match diverse, high performing talent for CNA, Security Officer and PAS/PBX operators. - Utilize applicant tracking system to review applications, communicate ...Expand

About freelancer

Priscilla Gonzalez
Joined Jul 2020
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1 years ago
An enthusiastic and self determined young graduate professional with pharmaceutical/healthcare experience. Highly goal oriented with strong administrative and management skills. Immensely reliable, versatile and constantly seeking opportunities for growth.

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