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Tech Recruiter Sunishka Mukherjee, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Sunishka Mukherjee
India, Navi Mumbai
Joined Apr 11, 2021

About Sunishka

Dear Sir/ Mam, I am currently in my third year. My last exams will be done by mid-may. I am aspiring to be a Human Resource Professional in my career to contribute in Employee Job Satisfaction and Work towards the betterment of the company. In this lockdown, I've kept myself busy with courses : Preparing to Manage Human Resources and Recruitinng...Expand

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Sunishka Mukherjee
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Joined Apr 2021
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6 months ago
I believe in working systematically and ethically. I love partnering with leadership to establish and continously improve an amazing culture along with improving the employee experience. I derive my energy and passion from making employee's success.

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