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Translator (English < > Bengali) & Bengali Voice-over Artist Ameena Helali, Translation & Languages

Ameena Helali
Bangladesh, Mymensingh District
Joined Jul 7, 2020

About Ameena

I'm a English to Bengali and Bengali to English translator. I have 12 years typing skill. I have 3 years of strong working experience with Bangladeshi, Indian, UK & Chinese translation company as a freelancer. I can garuntee a error-free translation job. Moreover, I have an attractive voice. My elegant voice and ability to pronounce accurately is ...Expand



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Ameena Helali
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Joined Jul 2020
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12 hours ago
Hello all! Myself Ameena Helali, holding a BA, BEd degree in Bangladesh having 12 years of strong experience in Typing and Computer operating. Also, have 3 years of successful translating and voice-over experience as a freelancer. I believe for any freelancing career Coming together - Beginning; Keeping together - Progress; Working together - Success. I can assure the finest service based on the highest standard of ethics, values & client care. In doing so I can earn the loyalty & trust of my employers who will become my lifelong clients. I always place their interests ahead of mine.

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