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UI/UX Designer Ahmed Malik, Mobile Phones & Computing

Ahmed Malik
United States, Los Angeles
Joined Jul 16, 2020

About Ahmed

Hi My name is Ahmed, I’m a Product Designer, with an emphasis in visual design, most recently working as a contractor at HAUS, a creative digital hub in Melrose, Los Angeles. Working on different creative projects with top companies such as Uber, Snapchat and Netflix. As their UI/UX designer, I was able to experience various ways in which the U...Expand


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Ahmed Malik
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My name is Ahmed, I’m a user experience designer, with an emphasis in visual design, most recently working on Pyri, a currency exchange platform. I have a natural inclination to solve complex problems and I use design as my tool to see things for what they could be rather than what they are. In today's world of tech and business, I love the fact that design is bridging the gap between business and customer satisfaction I want to be part of this wonderful phenomenon. Apart from design, I love reading, traveling and making new friends

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