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UI/UX Designer & Front end Developer Abhinav Maurya, Websites, IT & Software

Abhinav Maurya
India, Noida
Joined Jul 1, 2020

About Abhinav

I'm a UI/UX Designer & Front end Developer & having 3+ years of relevant experience. Responsible for creating Application User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI), Print Media designs including brochures, Banners, Visiting Card. Responsible in developing new products. • Develop new user-facing features • Converted PSD Layout to Webpage by using...Expand


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Abhinav Maurya
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Joined Jul 2020
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3 months ago
I'm a UI/UX Designer & Front end Developer. I’m 23 and live currently in Noida, India. I'm specialized in building Web Sites that explore the Depths of Possibility. I'm passionate about creating Web Design solutions that is both Usable and Accessible without compromising aesthetics. These ideals are realized using Web Standards and Creativity. I'm extensively skilled, with strong backgrounds in a variety of media. My general strengths include positive attitude, professionalism, dedication, communication skills and work ethic. These strengths make me extremely flexible and capable of being an invaluable team member, taking the initiative and being productive on my own.My designs are inspired by simplicity, straight lines, music, life, and the world around us. Each design is original and produces the effects the client wants.

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