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User experience Designer, Product Designer & Architect Shruthi Lakshmi Narayan, Design, Media & Architecture

Shruthi Lakshmi Narayan
United States, Watertown
Joined Jun 8, 2020

About Shruthi Lakshmi

I am an experience design graduate student from Northeastern University with a master’s in industrial design and a bachelor’s in architecture. I am excited to explore how visual and graphic design communicate information and develop sustainable experiences thereby creating value for users. I’m enthusiastic about engaging customer experiences, crea...Expand


About freelancer

Shruthi Lakshmi
Shruthi Lakshmi Narayan
Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
With a background in experience design, industrial design and architecture, I'm enthusiastic and motivated to explore how space, objects and people interact in an environment. I’m interested in how ideas, concepts, user research, problem solving, system and experience design weave together resulting in experiences that create value for users and shape our society. I believe design is a medium to evoke experiences and convey meaningful ideas, it is an art of choreographing a performance with space, people and objects.

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