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Alissa Marr
United States, Providence
Joined Jun 8, 2020

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I'm a UX/UI Designer with a background of 9 years in Graphic Design. Through User-Centered Research I find the right problems to solve for. Working with a team or autonomously, I ideate towards a solution by making sketches, experience maps, personas and "how might we's." I love solving for the user and helping them enjoy a pleasant experience on the application or platform.Expand



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Alissa Marr
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Joined Jun 2020
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I'm a passionate, enthusiastic UX/UI Designer with a strong sense of empathy. Currently I've taken the design lead on a pro-bono Covid related project with a global team. We are determined to bring the dream of an 8-year old girl to life; no easy feat. #WePals (working case study is in my portfolio  I've worked to strengthen the product brand from the ground up, facilitating proper implementation of the vision, and continually testing functionality to optimize the user experience. I've lead meetings, brainstorms, gathered requirements, and divided workloads. It's been rewarding to grow my problem solving skills for a good cause, as I search for my next Design opportunity. My talent in rapid sketching and prototyping allows me to iterate fast and efficiently from low to high fidelity. With a Graphic Design background, I use my advanced knowledge of typography, grids, and color to create stunning hierarchical UI within brand aesthetics. I’m fascinated to solve a variety of challenges and empathize through usability issues and evolving user needs.

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